With the current speed at which technology is changing, any post about the subject will eventually become dated.  Despite this fact, it’s still important to address this issue for new MBA students; how you incorporate technology into your life will definitely affect your success as an MBA student. Below I’ve collected several Continue Reading >>
The following aggregated salary data has been pulled for UCLA Anderson’s Class of 2012 from REIS, or the Recruiting and Employment Insights System.  REIS is basically a “salary transparency” service created by an Anderson alumni to empower MBA students during the offer negotiations process.  You can’t look up any Continue Reading >>
The following is a really great video presented in our Brand Management class that highlights the differences in marketing approaches between Microsoft and Apple.  It really demonstrates how the companies have diverged in marketing philosophy since the advent of the iPod era and probably why Apple's brand perceptions have Continue Reading >>
One thing that most MBA programs do a poor job of is providing useful, academic reference material after you graduate.  All business schools have great alumni networks and recruiting resources, but the availability of intellectual resources is significantly lacking.  It's understandable that professors want to keep Continue Reading >>
One of the least pleasant aspects of going back to get your MBA is being graded on your work again.  While we’ve all received feedback in the workplace already, it’s still a bit unsettling to be evaluated in an academic environment.  The rules are sometimes opaque, you don’t know how tough your competition will be, ... Continue Reading >>

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