It’s been two months since I graduated from business school, and I still have one month before I start my new full time job.  During this pre-employment period, I have not used my alarm clock once.  I play a lot of tennis, binge watch television shows, and even took a two week trip to Europe.  ... Continue Reading >>
The following entry is the second part of my original post on technology tips for new MBA students.  (Click here for the original post and context)  The following recommendations will focus primarily on the online services I’ve used and found helpful while getting my MBA. << Previous | Technology Return to Index Continue Reading >>
With the current speed at which technology is changing, any post about the subject will eventually become dated.  Despite this fact, it’s still important to address this issue for new MBA students; how you incorporate technology into your life will definitely affect your success as an MBA student. Below I’ve collected several Continue Reading >>
For those of you interested in building websites and earning publisher revenue, the Adsense 10 Challenge is currently underway.  I find it interesting that I’ve used this product for so many years, but have never read a book or taken a course on how to use it.  For me it’s always been a process of ... Continue Reading >>
The following is a really great video presented in our Brand Management class that highlights the differences in marketing approaches between Microsoft and Apple.  It really demonstrates how the companies have diverged in marketing philosophy since the advent of the iPod era and probably why Apple's brand perceptions have Continue Reading >>
Below is the checklist I use for international travel.  I leave the majority of the liquid, medicinal, and hygiene items in my suitcase, so I don't have to repack them unless I need to replenish them.  (ie toothpaste or mouthwash)  All of these items fit into a carry-on and laptop backpack, with room to spare. ... Continue Reading >>
The following points were made by Sven Johnston, a guest speaker from the online marketing firm Gigasavvy: Don't write with the sole purpose of SEO - write "for" your readers but keep SEO in mind In a typical search result: 13% goes to paid results 36% goes to Number 1 13% goes to Number 2 9% goes to Number 3 (However, this ranking ... Continue Reading >>
Best Buy recently launched a new online price matching policy, in what appears to be a last ditch effort to save the retailer’s business from Amazon.  The retailer is finally addressing the issue of “showrooming,” which is the practice of playing with products at Best Buy and then buying it from Amazon at a lower ... Continue Reading >>
There’s a possibility that you’ve arrived at this page with the intent of pirating a copy of Microsoft Excel or Office.  My post below only covers legitimate means of acquiring Excel.  There are several drawbacks to using an unauthorized copy of Microsoft software: Microsoft’s anti-piracy is becoming more and more effective Continue Reading >>

How to Convert Excel to PDF

by Matthew Kuo on January 9, 2013

in Excel

PDF stands for Portable Document Format.  This file format was created by Adobe to ease the process of transferring documents between users.  Converting your Excel file to PDF format is a useful exercise for a number of reasons.  Doing so will: Prevent others from editing your file Give your document a more professional look Continue Reading >>

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