It’s been two months since I graduated from business school, and I still have one month before I start my new full time job.  During this pre-employment period, I have not used my alarm clock once.  I play a lot of tennis, binge watch television shows, and even took a two week trip to Europe.  ... Continue Reading >>
For most MBA students, the recruiting process is the single most grueling experience of their entire MBA careers.  Academics are still important, and your enhanced social life will be fun, but whether or not you consider your MBA a success will depend mostly on how well you do in recruiting. Recruiting is typically a difficult Continue Reading >>
You can network with tons of people, have the most amazing resume, and even write a world class cover letter, but at the end of the day all of those factors are just precursors to an interview.  Once you step into the interview room, all of that prior recruiting investment for your dream job will ... Continue Reading >>
Your resume is probably the most important document you will create during your two years in business school.  When I started my MBA, I actually thought my resume was in great shape.  But my initial review with a career counselor proved otherwise and made evident the time I needed to spend on this process. During fall ... Continue Reading >>
Before I ride off into the sunset, I wanted to conduct a full quantitative assessment of my last two years at Anderson.  Below are the stats that stood out the most to me.  I track all of my financials in Quicken, so I can calculate most of my educational spending.  What are your final MBA ... Continue Reading >>
The following aggregated salary data has been pulled for UCLA Anderson’s Class of 2012 from REIS, or the Recruiting and Employment Insights System.  REIS is basically a “salary transparency” service created by an Anderson alumni to empower MBA students during the offer negotiations process.  You can’t look up any Continue Reading >>
It's the start of recruiting season here at UCLA Anderson and you can definitely see signs of it every time you walk by the Parker Career Center.  Half of the first-year MBAs are wearing a suit any given day.  They show up for their interviews several minutes early and line up in the waiting room ... Continue Reading >>
Attending networking events is one of the most demoralizing aspects of getting your MBA.  You’ll find yourself standing in a circle sucking up to employees from the company you want to work for.  You’ll ask flattering questions and beg people for their business cards.  And after the event, you’ll write several emails Continue Reading >>

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