It’s been two months since I graduated from business school, and I still have one month before I start my new full time job.  During this pre-employment period, I have not used my alarm clock once.  I play a lot of tennis, binge watch television shows, and even took a two week trip to Europe.  ... Continue Reading >>
The following entry is the second part of my original post on technology tips for new MBA students.  (Click here for the original post and context)  The following recommendations will focus primarily on the online services I’ve used and found helpful while getting my MBA. << Previous | Technology Return to Index Continue Reading >>
Free Excel Template Download When I started as an MBA student at UCLA Anderson, I was surprised and eventually overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities I had to manage.  Multi-tasking was something I had always considered a skill of mine, but I soon realized that I couldn’t track all of my tasks just by memory. For this ... Continue Reading >>

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