Auditing an Excel file with a ton of tabs is one of the least enjoyable experiences in Excel.  When I worked in consulting, it wasn't uncommon for me to receive a file from a client containing 50 more spreadsheet tabs.  And as an analyst, I had the unfortunate task of having to review all of ... Continue Reading >>
Photo by adamr Taking over another person's Excel file always has the potential to become a difficult task.  While some people actually create documentation, consider a new user's point of view, and take the time to call out the mousetraps that you might encounter, most of the time, you'll be getting a straight file dump.  Therefore, Continue Reading >>
INDEX MATCH Not Working?  The following article provides the most likely causes of your problems with using INDEX MATCH. If you're an advanced user of Excel, you've likely already made the switch from VLOOKUP to INDEX MATCH because of the several advantages that INDEX MATCH provides.  Within Excel, INDEX MATCH is one of the most Continue Reading >>
You can network with tons of people, have the most amazing resume, and even write a world class cover letter, but at the end of the day all of those factors are just precursors to an interview.  Once you step into the interview room, all of that prior recruiting investment for your dream job will ... Continue Reading >>
If the fact that I run an Excel blog wasn’t a dead giveaway, I clearly have somewhat of an obsessive compulsive nature.  I try my best to channel this into positive behavior and an interview preparation checklist was one of the outputs.  Having a checklist of items and knowing that I was as prepared as ... Continue Reading >>
The process of finalizing a post in WordPress is a multi-step process in which I almost always forget something.  Below is the checklist I use for every post I create.  I usually start with a simple word document on my desktop and then transfer it to the WordPress dashboard. Formatting Perform Google Test Search to Decide Post Continue Reading >>
Below is the checklist I use for international travel.  I leave the majority of the liquid, medicinal, and hygiene items in my suitcase, so I don't have to repack them unless I need to replenish them.  (ie toothpaste or mouthwash)  All of these items fit into a carry-on and laptop backpack, with room to spare. ... Continue Reading >>

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