My UCLA Anderson MBA Class Schedule and Notes

by Matthew Kuo on April 14, 2013

in Class Notes, MBA

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One thing that most MBA programs do a poor job of is providing useful, academic reference material after you graduate.  All business schools have great alumni networks and recruiting resources, but the availability of intellectual resources is significantly lacking.  It’s understandable that professors want to keep the material they’ve taught or created from being widely distributed on the web.  But after spending nearly $100 grand and two years on my degree, I at least want something to fall back on whenever my academic studies become relevant in the workplace.

The best way to do this is by keeping an online blog.  I literally have thousands of pages of course reader material and written notes, but I’m obviously not going to carry those with me to work.  By keeping a blog, I”ll be able to just Google my website whenever I need a refresher on MBA subjects, such as regression or persuasive techniques.  Given how hectic my first year was, and the fact that I just finished my MBA thesis project, I’ve started this record a bit late.  My goal is to record all of my relevant academic notes by the end of my last spring quarter.

Fall Quarter Year 1

  • 402-STAT: Data and Decisions
  • 405-ECON: Managerial Economics
  • 411-MKTG: Marketing Management
  • 414A-LEAD: Leadership Foundations
  • 421A-COMM: Management Communications

Winter Quarter Year 1

  • 407-SPRD: Spreadsheet Modeling
  • 410-OPS: Operations Management
  • 420-STRAT: Business Strategy

Spring Quarter Year 1

  • 298D-HEALTH: Business of Healthcare
  • 298D-TABS: Tools and Analysis for Business Strategy
  • 409-OB: Organizational Behavior
  • 596-XCEL: Xcelsius Independent Research

Fall Quarter Year 2

  • 201A-FCST: Business Forecasting
  • 260B-MSTRAT: Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • 264A-RSRCH: Market Research
  • 444A-AMR: Applied Management Research

Winter Quarter Year 2

  • 215B-MENTRY: Market Entry Strategy
  • 260A-MKAST: Market Assessment
  • 261A-SCHNL: Sales and Channel Management

Spring Quarter Year 2

Audits and Drops

  • 298D-WEB: Web Marketing and Analytics
  • Biotech

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