The following entry is the second part of my original post on technology tips for new MBA students.  (Click here for the original post and context)  The following recommendations will focus primarily on the online services I’ve used and found helpful while getting my MBA. << Previous | Technology Return to Index Continue Reading >>
With the current speed at which technology is changing, any post about the subject will eventually become dated.  Despite this fact, it’s still important to address this issue for new MBA students; how you incorporate technology into your life will definitely affect your success as an MBA student. Below I’ve collected several Continue Reading >>
Most business school courses encourage student participation by incorporating it as some component of your overall course grade.  Because some companies will look at your fall quarter academic performance, this can definitely have an effect on your overall recruiting efforts. The problem with being graded on participation Continue Reading >>
Your resume is probably the most important document you will create during your two years in business school.  When I started my MBA, I actually thought my resume was in great shape.  But my initial review with a career counselor proved otherwise and made evident the time I needed to spend on this process. During fall ... Continue Reading >>
It’s understandable why most MBA students don’t want to focus on their finances.  After committing to spend over $100 grand on your education, you’re forced to watch your net worth deplete with every single tuition payment.  As business school students, you’ve made an investment in your career and have forsaken earning Continue Reading >>
The idea of taking an exam is something that most people dread, and for some, it prevents them from applying to business school altogether.  However, if you’ve already been admitted to an MBA program and plan on recruiting for a field where grades matter, such as consulting or investment banking, then test taking is a ... Continue Reading >>
Before I ride off into the sunset, I wanted to conduct a full quantitative assessment of my last two years at Anderson.  Below are the stats that stood out the most to me.  I track all of my financials in Quicken, so I can calculate most of my educational spending.  What are your final MBA ... Continue Reading >>
Attached is the notesheet I created from my Regression Analysis final.  It's a bit messy, as I had extra space and filled it in with additional formulas.  However, I felt this version was worth posting because of the insights around multivariate regression. Download as PDF Continue Reading >>
Want to make your academic award seem more impressive? Put it in an over-sized, matted frame. Voilà.  Persuasion achieved. Continue Reading >>
The following aggregated salary data has been pulled for UCLA Anderson’s Class of 2012 from REIS, or the Recruiting and Employment Insights System.  REIS is basically a “salary transparency” service created by an Anderson alumni to empower MBA students during the offer negotiations process.  You can’t look up any Continue Reading >>

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