MBA Tips

It’s understandable why most MBA students don’t want to focus on their finances.  After committing to spend over $100 grand on your education, you’re forced to watch your net worth deplete with every single tuition payment.  As business school students, you’ve made an investment in your career and have forsaken earning Continue Reading >>
The idea of taking an exam is something that most people dread, and for some, it prevents them from applying to business school altogether.  However, if you’ve already been admitted to an MBA program and plan on recruiting for a field where grades matter, such as consulting or investment banking, then test taking is a ... Continue Reading >>
Below is the checklist I use for international travel.  I leave the majority of the liquid, medicinal, and hygiene items in my suitcase, so I don't have to repack them unless I need to replenish them.  (ie toothpaste or mouthwash)  All of these items fit into a carry-on and laptop backpack, with room to spare. ... Continue Reading >>
Attending networking events is one of the most demoralizing aspects of getting your MBA.  You’ll find yourself standing in a circle sucking up to employees from the company you want to work for.  You’ll ask flattering questions and beg people for their business cards.  And after the event, you’ll write several emails Continue Reading >>
While reading and preparing cases is a significant part of any business school experience, there isn’t always a concrete result to your work.  You could easily invest hours preparing a case and have nothing to say about it during the class discussion.  It’s because of this ambiguous return on investment that many people Continue Reading >>

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