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It’s been two months since I graduated from business school, and I still have one month before I start my new full time job.  During this pre-employment period, I have not used my alarm clock once.  I play a lot of tennis, binge watch television shows, and even took a two week trip to Europe.  ... Continue Reading >>
After compiling a long list of recommendations for MBA students in general, I wanted to pay service to my own alma mater by creating a list specific to UCLA Anderson.  UCLA is an amazing campus, but as business school students, we often feel disconnected from it and rarely understand the full range of benefits available ... Continue Reading >>
For most MBA students, the recruiting process is the single most grueling experience of their entire MBA careers.  Academics are still important, and your enhanced social life will be fun, but whether or not you consider your MBA a success will depend mostly on how well you do in recruiting. Recruiting is typically a difficult Continue Reading >>
My two years of business school have officially come to an end, and while I’m very happy with the end result, there are definitely a few things I wish I would have planned better.  Many students choose to walk into their MBA programs like a chicken with its head cut off; they expect to make ... Continue Reading >>
You can network with tons of people, have the most amazing resume, and even write a world class cover letter, but at the end of the day all of those factors are just precursors to an interview.  Once you step into the interview room, all of that prior recruiting investment for your dream job will ... Continue Reading >>
If the fact that I run an Excel blog wasn’t a dead giveaway, I clearly have somewhat of an obsessive compulsive nature.  I try my best to channel this into positive behavior and an interview preparation checklist was one of the outputs.  Having a checklist of items and knowing that I was as prepared as ... Continue Reading >>
The following entry is the second part of my original post on technology tips for new MBA students.  (Click here for the original post and context)  The following recommendations will focus primarily on the online services I’ve used and found helpful while getting my MBA. << Previous | Technology Return to Index Continue Reading >>
With the current speed at which technology is changing, any post about the subject will eventually become dated.  Despite this fact, it’s still important to address this issue for new MBA students; how you incorporate technology into your life will definitely affect your success as an MBA student. Below I’ve collected several Continue Reading >>
Most business school courses encourage student participation by incorporating it as some component of your overall course grade.  Because some companies will look at your fall quarter academic performance, this can definitely have an effect on your overall recruiting efforts. The problem with being graded on participation Continue Reading >>
Your resume is probably the most important document you will create during your two years in business school.  When I started my MBA, I actually thought my resume was in great shape.  But my initial review with a career counselor proved otherwise and made evident the time I needed to spend on this process. During fall ... Continue Reading >>

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