Class Notes

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, is a book pretty much every business school student is required to read.  Below are the key takeaways from this book: Accounting vs. Operational Measures Accounting cost figures misleading for operations purposes Productivity per machine is meaningless; Continue Reading >>
Attached is the notesheet I created from my Regression Analysis final.  It's a bit messy, as I had extra space and filled it in with additional formulas.  However, I felt this version was worth posting because of the insights around multivariate regression. Download as PDF Continue Reading >>
Attached is the two page notesheet I created for my Regression Analysis midterm.  A lot of topics in this class were review, so I didn't put as much time into this as I did for my original Stat class.  However, taking this class was definitely a great way to reinforce the key principles and concepts ... Continue Reading >>
This was probably the funniest commercial I watched in my introductory MBA Marketing course. Continue Reading >>
The following is a really great video presented in our Brand Management class that highlights the differences in marketing approaches between Microsoft and Apple.  It really demonstrates how the companies have diverged in marketing philosophy since the advent of the iPod era and probably why Apple's brand perceptions have Continue Reading >>
One thing that most MBA programs do a poor job of is providing useful, academic reference material after you graduate.  All business schools have great alumni networks and recruiting resources, but the availability of intellectual resources is significantly lacking.  It's understandable that professors want to keep Continue Reading >>
The following points were made by Sven Johnston, a guest speaker from the online marketing firm Gigasavvy: Don't write with the sole purpose of SEO - write "for" your readers but keep SEO in mind In a typical search result: 13% goes to paid results 36% goes to Number 1 13% goes to Number 2 9% goes to Number 3 (However, this ranking ... Continue Reading >>
Best Buy recently launched a new online price matching policy, in what appears to be a last ditch effort to save the retailer’s business from Amazon.  The retailer is finally addressing the issue of “showrooming,” which is the practice of playing with products at Best Buy and then buying it from Amazon at a lower ... Continue Reading >>
Key Takeaways 1.  Only simulate relevant scenarios - if a combination of characteristics cannot exist, there is no need to simulate it 2.  Select AMONG your highest profit outcomes - don't be locked in to just one option 3.  Make sure you are hitting your target segment well - that way you can create a complete marketing campaign Continue Reading >>
Alliteration Repetition of consonants (usually the first or last letter in a word) Parallelism Repetition of words or phrases Personification Give an object personal qualities Simile Comparison using "like" or "as" Metaphor Implicit comparison not using "like" or "as" but instead using a form of "is" or "are" Antithesis The Continue Reading >>

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