Model Building

Whether you're building a model or trying to simulate a scenario within your analysis, at some point in your Excel career, you're going to need to use a randomized set of data.  If you need to create a purely random set of numbers, with no specific constraints or parameters, you can just use the RAND ... Continue Reading >>
The attached model is used as the baseline example for my How to Build an Excel Model series of posts.  It has been designed to illustrate the key principles and concepts behind effective model building.  If you plan to download the file, please read the series of posts here to gain further context: How to Build ... Continue Reading >>
The following post is the third in a series of posts about Excel Model Building.  To review the previous posts on this topic, please click through the links below: Click here for Part 1 of this post, How to Build an Excel Model: Key Principles Click here for Part 2 of this post, How to Build an ... Continue Reading >>
One of the most important aspects of model building is the way you setup the tabs in your Excel workbook.  Every tab you create should have a specific purpose within your model; otherwise, the tab should be deleted.  By having a clear understanding of the different tabs and their respective functions, you’ll build an efficient Continue Reading >>
When it comes to building Excel models, there really are no widely accepted guidelines that Excel users follow.  Because of this, Excel model building is more of an art than a science.  Every single model you encounter tends to have its own nuances and quirks.  Even if they come from the same user, as no ... Continue Reading >>

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