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In 2012, back when I was in business school, I created a spreadsheet-based task tracker to manage my various commitments.  Because I'm somewhat of a visual design nerd, I leveraged Excel as my platform of choice because of all the detailed conditional formatting options available. It's now been more than 4 years since I created Continue Reading >>
If you work in consulting or some other profession that requires you to analyze data, sooner or later, you'll need to build a histogram.  This is because the histograms is one of the most effective methods to visualize and understand a data set.  Averages, sums, and counts are calculations that only tell you part of ... Continue Reading >>
Whether you're building a model or trying to simulate a scenario within your analysis, at some point in your Excel career, you're going to need to use a randomized set of data.  If you need to create a purely random set of numbers, with no specific constraints or parameters, you can just use the RAND ... Continue Reading >>
As we get close to the end of the year, one of the things I always make sure to check before January is my overall tax liability.  From a financial perspective, my preference is to owe the government a little bit of money.  If at the end of the year, the government owes me a ... Continue Reading >>
While cold calling is practice that most students dread, from a teacher’s perspective, it’s an effective way to encourage students to prepare for and participate in class. We’ve all been on the wrong side of this situation at least once in our lives, coming to class completely unprepared.  And the natural thing to do when Continue Reading >>
The key to preparing for behavioral interview questions is to ensure that you have proper coverage for all of the core behavioral question types.  To put it another way, you want to make sure that you have a story that applies to every question your interviewer might ask.  What you really want to avoid is ... Continue Reading >>
The attached model is used as the baseline example for my How to Build an Excel Model series of posts.  It has been designed to illustrate the key principles and concepts behind effective model building.  If you plan to download the file, please read the series of posts here to gain further context: How to Build ... Continue Reading >>
Free Excel Template Download When I started as an MBA student at UCLA Anderson, I was surprised and eventually overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities I had to manage.  Multi-tasking was something I had always considered a skill of mine, but I soon realized that I couldn’t track all of my tasks just by memory. For this ... Continue Reading >>

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