My 2016 Goals

by Matthew Kuo on December 28, 2015

in Blogging

2015 was a tough year for me.  And that's without even considering what happened to the Seahawks at the beginning of the year.  My career has stalled.  My health has gotten worse.  And overall, I'm still a bit unclear about several things in my future.  In 2016 I'll be turning 32 years old.  Wow.  I'm ... Continue Reading >>
When I started, I never really gave much thought to Excel's broader web community, which I was implicitly joining.  At the time, I was really just posting Excel tips and tricks because I thought they were interesting and would be useful to fellow MBA students.  While my engagement and capacity to contribute to ... Continue Reading >>

My 2015 Goals

by Matthew Kuo on January 1, 2015

in Blogging

For all intents and purposes, 2014 was a good year, starting with my beloved team the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl and capping off with the same team clinching the number one seed in the playoffs for the NFC conference.  The end of my Seattle sports team woes alone is enough for me to ... Continue Reading >>
For those of you interested in building websites and earning publisher revenue, the Adsense 10 Challenge is currently underway.  I find it interesting that I’ve used this product for so many years, but have never read a book or taken a course on how to use it.  For me it’s always been a process of ... Continue Reading >>
The process of finalizing a post in WordPress is a multi-step process in which I almost always forget something.  Below is the checklist I use for every post I create.  I usually start with a simple word document on my desktop and then transfer it to the WordPress dashboard. Formatting Perform Google Test Search to Decide Post Continue Reading >>
The following points were made by Sven Johnston, a guest speaker from the online marketing firm Gigasavvy: Don't write with the sole purpose of SEO - write "for" your readers but keep SEO in mind In a typical search result: 13% goes to paid results 36% goes to Number 1 13% goes to Number 2 9% goes to Number 3 (However, this ranking ... Continue Reading >>

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